Unsolved Mysteries

Over the years, law enforcement officers and family members have come to our team members for assistance regarding missing persons. We are always willing to help whenever there is a request. If you find yourself in this difficult position, we are more than happy to provide whatever assistance we can.

Our psychic mediums have worked with missing persons cases not only in Ohio, but in Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Kentucky.

Contact us, with confidence, that all of our cases remain confidential.

One of our Ohio Unsolved Mysteries still under investigation:

As one of our Unsolved Mysteries investigations, we recently visited a couple of abandoned sites in rural Ohio. The 15 year-old cold case involves a young mother who went missing; foul play is suspected and she is presumed dead by her family. Both locations were scanned by the sensitives for anything relative to the victim, but nothing specific to her was revealed. An unusual thing happened at the second site however- one of the psychics looked back to our parked car and saw a woman standing there that matched the description of the victim. The sighting only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was strongly felt. Psychic’s impression was that this was the victim and she was standing by the car door as if to tell us we’re not in the right place and to “get in the car and keep searching.” We got the message loud and clear- and we’re not giving up. #paranormalinvestigation #paranormalinvestigator #paranormalpost #hauntedhouse #hauntedplaces #psychicdetectives

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