Am I Haunted

A common question is am I (or my residence or business) haunted? The short answer is: probably yes if you’re on this website asking. For many people who call our team, a haunting is experienced as an uneasy feeling you’re not alone or a feeling that something just does not feel right about a certain area of your dwelling. Others call our team when they or their children are being touched or things move or disappear. But by far, the biggest and often the most frightening sign of a haunting that causes people to call us, is when they actually see something with their own eyes.

Our advice to them is don’t be afraid because most of the time spirits are pretty harmless. Many times spirits are former residents of the structure, a family relative or friend that has passed, or perhaps something with an attachment to an item you purchased used. Our very skilled team of psychic mediums and similar sensitives can help you by using the latest equipment to document any activity, answering the vital questions you have and offering you the solutions you seek.