The Road to Poasttown – Through the Attic Door

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The Poasttown investigation is only three weeks away, so here’s our next story for the road.  Case Manager Carrie had below experience to share from last year’s Poasttown visit:

“At Poasttown, the library and the music rooms are on the second floor of the original building. The rooms are now joined by large doorway in the wall between them.  On the library side, there is a hole in the ceiling which is very, very high- through that hole is the attic.  At some point during our visit to the school, unbeknownst to us, the attic door slid open.

That evening as we were investigating the library, fellow team member Todd had a very strong negative experience.  While he was laying on the floor using his spirit box and a recorder, the room got very heavy and cold.   A sensitive investigating with us said in a very stern voice. “Carrie, they are coming through all the doors they are adults.  Not children, but lots of adults. They are angry.”

At that very moment, Todd began to have the sensation of things crawling all over him. He stated very clearly ‘I have never felt like this before they are all over me, surrounding me, touching me.  Back off right now!’  Todd had tears running down his face and though we’ve investigated together many times, I have never seen him react that way.  He was truly shaken by the experience.

In regrouping the team later that evening, we discussed the open attic door.  We had investigated the previous night and no one remembered the attic door being open (and it’s pretty obvious when it *is* open).  No one had been in that part of the building during the investigation and the only ladder tall enough to reach the door had been locked in a utility closet (and we didn’t have keys).

The closest we could determine was that the door had been opened some time Saturday between 4AM-3PM.   Building owner confirmed he had not opened the attic door and no one else had access to the ladder.”

<Twilight Zone music here>.

What will YOUR experience be at Poasttown?  Join us on October 29th for our public event.  Tickets are on sale here and benefit Suicide Awareness.

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