The Day I Told It, “Go Away!” (by Bradley)

The Day I Told It, “Go Away!” Have you ever been just going through your day, doing nothing in particular, but then, everything changes? What was familiar, ordinary, suddenly shifts, becomes not exactly unfamiliar, yet is not what it should be. Shifted, off kilter a few degrees in a direction that you cannot name. Then, […]

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Personal Experience (by Bradley)

Around 4:30 AM Central Standard Time, Sunday, March 17, 1974, my grandfather, Bradley F. Watson, visited me in my dorm room at George Peabody College for Teachers. It was a brief visit, he didn’t hang around long, maybe 20 seconds or so. But it was long enough for me to find out that he had […]

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The Road to Poasttown – Through the Attic Door

Photo courtesy of Christine Boldoser Lallier

The Poasttown investigation is only three weeks away, so here’s our next story for the road.  Case Manager Carrie had below experience to share from last year’s Poasttown visit: “At Poasttown, the library and the music rooms are on the second floor of the original building. The rooms are now joined by large doorway in the wall […]

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The Road to Poasttown – Haunted Lockers

Poasttown Haunted Lockers

As the countdown to our public investigation at Poasttown begins, we thought we’d share some of our team member’s previous Poasttown experiences. This story comes to us from investigator/sensitive Debbie: “A few years ago, I was at Poasttown as part of another group; there were only a few of us. We were in two of […]

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BCP is now officially listed with

Big Country Paranormal is pleased to announce that we are now listed with Bill, the owner of Paranormal Societies, is well known and respected in the supernatural field. Paranormal Societies offers haunting assistance nationally and internationally, servicing clients throughout the United States and 30 additional countries internationally. As usual, all investigations referred to us from will be […]

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