About Us

Who We Are….

We are a talented, committed group of sensitives and paranormal investigators with a combined experience of 41 years. Our diverse ages, gender and occupational backgrounds provide a balanced investigative approach, merging the spiritual with the practical.

What We Do….

For each investigation, we incorporate our sensitive’s impressions with data from the latest electronic equipment to create a holistic activity map for analysis. After reviewing the data, we work with the client to determine a solution that respects their spiritual beliefs and desired outcome.

Why We Do It….

Team members bring their personal spiritual quest to each investigation. Each of us has had a lifelong passion for not only investigating the paranormal, but pursuing the deeper meaning of existence embodied in the paranormal experience. Every investigation brings us one step closer to that understanding.

Mission Statement

Our always free of charge investigations are approached with integrity, respect and discretion. We are committed to authenticating activity through audio, video, various other equipment along with our sensitive abilities to classify activity as paranormal or non-paranormal. After all evidence is reviewed and once the case file is completed, we work with the client to determine if any follow up or cleansing is needed with alignment to the clients religious beliefs.