Big Country Paranormal will travel throughout Ohio and neighboring states.
There is never a cost for investigations.
Investigations are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis. The dates depend on the severity of the situation and our caseload.
There are times that we may not see, hear, record, or capture evidence. We still believe you. We may ask you to document the most active times and experiences closely, and we can return during those peak hours.
This question is addressed on a case-by-case basis. We have cleansing and other sources to help to rid your home of an entity. There may be situations where we contact an outside source to assist us to meet your beliefs - whether they be cultural or religious.
Investigations are conducted with a group of our team members. The team will walk through the location, take notes, and record their experience. We then meet as a group with the client and the sensitive to discuss their experiences with the rest of the team and client. At that point, we set up equipment at active areas, split up, and investigate using several methods to collect data. After the investigation, the team and the client will meet to discuss evidence experiences and give the client an idea of the date their case report will be ready. At that point, we collect our equipment and give some recommendations based on the evidence collected during the investigation that is available.
Clients can be part of the investigation. Please do not wear perfume, whisper, or engage in conversations during the sessions.
Many times activity increases after we leave. If activity does not slow down, or if you need additional information, please call us.
We are very professional, very careful, and respectful with our techniques. We believe in blessings of protection and will do our best to open and close an investigation with the techniques that allow a beginning and a clear end and closure.
Do not burn air freshers the day before or of your investigation, turn off all stereos, amplifiers, and other high frequency power equipment. A BCP member will call you the week of your investigation to confirm your investigation appointment.