How do Sensitives work on Paranormal Investigations? (by Debbie)

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Having sensitives on a paranormal investigation is another tool to use to help determine the activity in the location. While not everyone believes in sensitive abilities, everyone has them, some are just stronger and more developed than others.  It is the same as mother’s intuition when it comes to something wrong with your children, or a police investigator’s “hunches” when working on a case or a feeling you may get when you meet someone for the first time. These are just some examples.  Sensitives, can be classified in different ways such as a psychic- which reads the current energy path of a person or place, a medium- person who can communicate with those who have passed or an empath- a person who physically or emotionally feels the energy of people and places around them, as well as healers and some other types of classifications.

While in society, many times sensitives get a bad rap due to some unsavory or fake people taking advantage of folks, but honest sensitives can be useful in many ways in a paranormal investigation.  Sensitives can help guide investigators to specific areas to investigate by reading the energy of the location. Upon entering a location, sensitives can pick up on specific activity, without prior knowledge, that help  the client to realize they are not crazy for experiencing what they have been experiencing. Nothing is more pleasing than when one or more of our sensitives can enter a private location and tell the client in detail what they see has been happening and the client gets validation for themselves and what they have been going through.

Not all sensitives get their information in the same way. Some hear things, some see images, and some just know or feel things. It varies widely among sensitives. Some sensitives can “tune in” to a location or person and not have to actually be on sight to pick up information. Some can remotely view the location in theirs mind’s eye. Some sensitives get strong impressions from touching a person, object or building while others meditate on a name, address or picture.

Sensitives get validation from the client when unknown information is picked up. Often times during a private investigation, sensitives will pick up on specific information regarding the client such as passed family members coming through with a message. Quite often, specific names or references come through that the client can relate to.  I was on one investigation, I believe the client’s name was Kathy but I kept hearing the funny names of Sadie & LulaBelle in my head so when I asked the client what those names meant, she laughed and said her grandmother, who had passed a few years prior, had always called her and her sister the nicknames of Sadie and LulaBelle. This validated that her grandmother was there in spirit at the time which gave the client comfort as there was no way I personally would have known that private info about the client without her grandmother coming through to me in spirit.

Many times during audio sessions, sensitive’s impressions are also validated by the spirits at the location. Often times when listening back to the audio recordings, the reviewer may hear one of the sensitives say I am picking up on a man here named Rick and then a few minutes later in the audio, the investigator asks the spirit what their name is and an EVP can be picked up saying “Rick” which validated what the sensitive picked up.

While having sensitive abilities is viewed by society to be just as skeptical as having paranormal activity, most do not become believers until they experience something they cannot explain. I have seen many skeptics become believers over the years once they have been face to face with activity in their home or had information given to them by a sensitive that was not otherwise known.  As a human race, we tend to discount things we cannot fully explain but we need to learn to be open minded as none of us truly know everything with 100% certainty.



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