The Road to Poasttown – Haunted Lockers

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As the countdown to our public investigation at Poasttown begins, we thought we’d share some of our team member’s previous Poasttown experiences. This story comes to us from investigator/sensitive Debbie:

A few years ago, I was at Poasttown as part of another group; there were only a few of us. We were in two of the classrooms on the second floor that contained lockers. The rooms were side by side from what I can remember. We had just stopped recording a lengthy EVP session and were talking about where we wanted to go next.

Just then, we heard a locker shut in the room next to us. It did not slam hard but we all of us heard the metallic sound of the locker door closing. We flipped our recorder on again, stayed in the room and asked whomever was present to shut another locker door in the other room. We got nothing after waiting a few minutes so we went into the next room where we heard another locker door close. We started an EVP session again and after about 10 minutes of inactivity, shut off the recorder, gathered our equipment and left the room. About halfway down the hall when we heard a locker door shut yet again.

At this point, we just laughed because it was like the spirits were telling us they will make noise when THEY want to and not when we want them to! Later on while we were in the basement level, we left a video camera & recorder running in one of the second floor classrooms. Unfortunately, our equipment never did catch the sight or sound of a locker door closing. Frustrating when you hear it with your ears but can’t get it on audio or video!

This is SO common and definitely a Murphy’s Law of ghosthunting- if anything’s going to happen on an investigation, it’s almost always happens where the equipment isn’t!

If you’d like to find your own Poasttown story, join us on October 29th for our public event.  Tickets are on sale here and benefit Suicide Awareness.

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