Skeptic Sanctum Podcast

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On September 1, 2016, Big Country Paranormal participated in a live interview with The Skeptic Sanctum. The Skeptic Sanctum is a group that is interested in the paranormal, and have stated that they are looking “for the truth and facts” about the supernatural. Their audience consists of both skeptics and non-skeptics. The Skeptic Sanctum takes a humorous approach to finding the truth, and releases weekly podcasts for their listeners so that they can decide for themselves.

Big Country Paranormal was first introduced to members of The Skeptic Sanctum at the Feast of Diana Metaphysical Expo in Dallas Pike, West Virginia earlier this year. The dialogue between the two groups led to an invitation for BCP to contribute their experiences. Tom and co-host Raven conducted the live interview with our team, who shared their stories. This podcast featured three members of Big Country Paranormal’s team: Carrie, Bradley, Demetra, and Yvonne.

Listen to Big Country Paranormal’s Podcast with The Skeptic Sanctum and feel free, as always, to post comments below.

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