My Ghost Story

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Well, this is actually my Dad’s ghost story. Late one afternoon, while sitting alone at home in his living room, he heard a huge crash in the basement garage. It echoed up the stairwell into the first floor living area for several seconds. My dad was in shock and sat there for a couple of seconds, hearing loose plaster and rubble sifting down through the garage wall.

He jumped up, sure that the huge shelf full of hardware, tools and cans on the garage wall had fallen. Running downstairs first through the entry to the basement family room and then into the garage, he saw absolutely nothing out of place. He looked around and stunned, walked through every inch of the basement family room, garage and stairwell. Not a thing was out of place.

He didn’t know what to make of it, so he called his sister and the first thing she said was “It’s an omen.” Our family has a long history of omens (warnings) before things happen. She told him someone would die within three days. He didn’t pay it much mind until my grandmother (his mother) passed away unexpectedly three days later.

He and I talked about it over the years and wondered. Why would that kind of omen be necessary? How would noise like that even be produced psychically? My dad always laughed and said “wouldn’t it just be easier to deliver the message in words?” Dad’s gone now and I wish he would send me first-hand answers to these questions!

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