SCARED? Paranormal Podcast

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Big Country Paranormal was very honored to be contacted by Phil Holmes from SCARED? Paranormal. Phil is an English Broadcaster, having worked in radio for over 25 years.  Scared? is written, produced and hosted by Phil, who has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal.  In 2012, he won the UK’s highest radio award for broadcasting his show from a live event.

For Phil’s August 1, 2016 podcast, he interviewed three of Big Country Paranormal’s team members: Bradley, Evan, and Yvonne.  In the interview, the team members discussed their personal experiences from different investigations.  The podcast is “Episode 14” on his listen page and can also be heard on itunes.  The team had a great time talking to Phil and look forward to sharing more stories in the future.

After listening to the podcast, feel free to leave your comments and perhaps your own real stories below.

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