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Hey, this is Jo from Big Country Paranormal and I’d like to introduce a new feature on our blog: book reviews!

I’m an avid reader (as are many of our team members) and love to discuss books I’ve read with others of like mind. I thought maybe many of you might be the same.  So for our initial entry, here’s my review of “Evidence of Eternity: Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife” by Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer. efe

Mark is a lawyer, but also a psychic medium with a worldwide clientele (hence his nickname). I first heard Mark speak on the radio program Coast to Coast AM several years ago and quickly became a fan. I was intrigued by his views on the soul as energy and the afterlife as a series of dimensions; in this book, he expands on those thoughts with chapters such as “Interdimensional Communication,” “Consciousness and Personality are Eternal,” and “Suicide and the Other Side.”

Mark writes “Interdimensional communication or communication between people here in the material world and spirits on the Other Side, is also based on the transfer of energy involving frequency and vibration. In some ways it is less complex than a cell phone call, yet it is not without its complications. Like a telephone call, it also requires ‘equipment’ to enable communication to occur.”

I’ve always had a strong interest in science, particularly quantum physics as it relates to the physical nature of reality; Mark’s use of current mainstream scientific theory to support his explanation for psychic communication provides a solid foundation for the book’s premise.

In addition, the book details a number of Mark’s psychic sessions for clients; it made for for thought-provoking reading- particularly in those areas we struggle to accept, such as suicide or child deaths. As he writes in Chapter 13, “Holding onto love for the person who died is necessary for healing. With death, a relationship transforms from one of a physical nature to one of a spiritual nature. That realization is essential to understanding that, although the physical existence has ended, the spiritual existence of the person continues.”

As a paranormal investigator, I’m always on the hunt for the big “W’s.” WHAT are ghosts? WHY do they haunt? WHAT are shadow people? WHERE do EVPs come from? The list goes on and on. After reading this book, I’m now more willing to consider a broader scope of paranormal communications- psychic and otherwise. Mark brings compelling information to the table as the search for answers continues.

Has anyone else read the book? Your thoughts? I’d love to hear other opinions on the topic!

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